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Major Cold Empowerment

Dear Qigong friend,

On Friday, January 19th, the twenty-fourth phase of the Chinese seasonal calendar begins. This phase, Major Cold (Dahan), starts at 10:08 PM EST as the sun crosses 300° Longitude (0° Aquarius). Please join the thousands of practitioners worldwide who will usher this event by practicing the Major Cold Empowerment.

Wishing you Good Qi,
Robert Peng

Stage Spring Summer Autumn Winter
1Start of Spring
Feb 3
Start of Summer
May 5
Start of Autumn
Aug 7
Start of Winter
Nov 7
2Rain Water
Feb 18
Grain Full
May 20
Limit of Heat
Aug 22
Minor Snow
Nov 21
3Awakening of Insects
Mar 5
Grain in Ear
Jun 5
White Dew
Sep 7
Major Snow
Dec 6
4Vernal Equinox
Mar 20
Summer Solstice
Jun 21
Autumn Equinox
Sep 22
Winter Solstice
Dec 21
5Clear and Bright
Apr 4
Minor Heat
Jul 6
Cold Dew
Oct 7
Minor Cold
Jan 5
6Grain Rain
Apr 19
Major Heat
Jul 22
Frost Descent
Oct 23
Major Cold
Jan 19

Major Cold (DAHAN JIEQI)

On Friday, January 19th, the last of the 24 seasonal cycles of the Chinese seasonal calendar begins. This cycle, Major Cold (Dahan), coincides with the coldest part of the year and signals the end of winter. Over the next two weeks, nature will reveal her coldest face, and then slowly, the temperature will stabilize and gradually increase as spring begins.

In the last cycle, Minor Cold, we “pushed” through resistance and hardship by harnessing steely determination and perseverance. During Major Cold, as we encounter the coldest part of the year, a new theme emerges: endings. The wisdom precipitated by Major Cold is distinct from the wisdom of Minor Cold, it is the wisdom of letting go.

Picture yourself at the gym working out with free weights. You lift thirty pounds. Easy, no problem. Sixty pounds. Harder but you manage. Eighty. You struggle, push with all your strength, and finally succeed! How about trying to lift a thousand pounds? No way. The word that comes to mind is “impossible.”

Some challenges are difficult but manageable while others are clearly impossible—like lifting a ton when you can barely clear eighty pounds. Hard challenges can be overcome through perseverance and hard work. But "impossible" situations are not going to be resolved— regardless of how hard you push. So what should you do when you are confronted by the impossible? Realize that you have reached a dead end. Stop pushing. Let go. Walk away.

Try this: With your arm to your side push the back of your hand against a wall for about thirty seconds. Push the wall away, and then let go. Your arm will feel very light and rise up almost effortlessly. During Major Cold, you are invited to identify those immovable walls in your life you are pushing up against and to stop pressing. The time has come to release the unworkable. When you do, your spirit will feel lighter and you’ll be happier. The year is about to end. Let it slip away peacefully and carry with it impossible dead-end scenarios that are clogging up your life. Trust that springtime lies around the corner and that new possibilities will soon be revealed.

Practicing the Major Cold empowerment on Friday, January 19th between 10:08 PM EST and 12:08 AM EST will enhance your ability to accept endings and release unattainable goals. (Remember to adjust for the time difference if you live in another time zone.) The Major Cold seasonal cycle lasts until Saturday, February 3rd at 4:28 PM EST when spring begins. Until then, meditate on this: sometimes, the hardest decisions to make are the easiest ones to live with.

(If you can't see the video on the screen, you can see it on YouTube ).


The spine is made up of five segments including the coccyx, the lower back (sacral and lumbar spine), the middle and upper back (thoracic spine), and the neck (cervical spine).

The vertebra associated with this empowerment is Lumbar 3 (L3) in the lower back.

Begin by identifying your iliac crest, the topmost part of your hips, and trace a straight line to your spine. That vertebra is L4. One up is L3.

Find L3 now.


(You can practice this empowerment every day until the next Jieqi, but the golden time is on Friday, January 19th between 10:08 PM - 12:08 AM EST)

Once every 15 days, the sun crosses over "power spot" and a wave of powerful cosmic energy is released. The purpose of this empowerment is to concentrate this energy into your spine and internal organs.

  1. Sit comfortably or lie down and relax every part of your body.
  2. Inhale through all the pores of your skin, collect universal Qi energy and concentrate this energy to L3. Exhale and visualize L3 glowing brightly. Continue this breathing patterns 36 times.
  3. Then, inhale, focus on L3, exhale and visualize the light from L3 spreading throughout your body, to your spine, your bones, and to your internal organs. Repeat 36 times.
  4. Finally, inhale and collect the light and energy from all over your body into your Lower Dantian which is located three finger widths below your navel in the center of your body. Then exhale and concentrate the energy there. Repeat three times. Then, relax, and nourish your Qi, feeling like a sponge soaking in a warm tub of water. Maintain this state for as long as you want.


(Practice this exercise once a day until the next seasonal phase begins)

The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the soft tissue surrounding the vertebra associated with the current empowerment. Every 15 days we focus on a specific vertebra and over the course of the year we tonify the whole spine. Be gentle and don't strain your back.

  1. Sit on your right ankle with your left leg stretched out in front of your body. Place your both palms on the floor behind your back. 
  2. Inhale, raise your hips, straighten up your body, and look up at the sky and exhale. Return to the starting posture. Repeat 36 times.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the other side 36 times.
  4. Swoosh your tongue around your mouth until it is full of saliva. Then, swallow the saliva, and send the energy of your saliva down to your Lower Dantian. Repeat three times.

Enjoy your practice!