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Awakening of Insects Empowerment

Dear Qigong friend,

On Monday, March 5th, the third phase of the Chinese seasonal calendar begins. This phase, Awakening of Insects (Jingzhe), starts at 10:28 AM EST as the sun crosses 345° Longitude (15° Pisces). Please join the thousands of practitioners worldwide who will usher this event by practicing the Awakening of Insects Empowerment.

Wishing you Good Qi,
Robert Peng

Stage Spring Summer Autumn Winter
1Start of Spring
Feb 3
Start of Summer
May 5
Start of Autumn
Aug 7
Start of Winter
Nov 7
2Rain Water
Feb 18
Grain Full
May 20
Limit of Heat
Aug 23
Minor Snow
Nov 22
3Awakening of Insects
Mar 5
Grain in Ear
Jun 5
White Dew
Sep 7
Major Snow
Dec 6
4Vernal Equinox
Mar 20
Summer Solstice
Jun 21
Autumn Equinox
Sep 22
Winter Solstice
Dec 21
5Clear and Bright
Apr 4
Minor Heat
Jul 6
Cold Dew
Oct 8
Minor Cold
Jan 5
6Grain Rain
Apr 19
Major Heat
Jul 22
Frost Descent
Oct 23
Major Cold
Jan 19

Awakening of Insects (JINGZHE JIEQI)

Awakening of Insects is the third stage of Spring. The theme of springtime is  new possibilities and the excitement they generate, and over the next fifteen days, as this seasonal phase unfolds, nature will undergo changes and reveal new qualities that you can awaken in yourself and use to align with the movement of life.    

In the prior seasonal phase, Rain Water, we awakened deep receptivity and quested for a guiding vision to manifest this Spring. By now, hopefully, you “conceived” that vision. Maybe you intuited the possibility of a new job, a new relationship, or some other expression of forward movement. You are now poised to transmute this inner spark into a fire by “charging” it with enthusiasm.

According to Five Element Theory, Spring is associated with the color green, the wood element, the liver, excitement, and anger. The connection between the color green and springtime may be self-evident, but what do we make of the other associations?

Begin by recalling that springtime is the season of new beginnings. Anytime a new project begins, a mood of vibrancy and excitement arises naturally. Picture the energy surrounding a startup venture. The entrepreneurs are cheerful, buoyant, and high-spirited. They exude irrepressible optimism. They reflect the mood of Spring. When the energies of Spring are in a state of healthy flow, we naturally witness growth and productivity. The wood element is the only one of the five elements (fire, water, earth, metal, and wood) that actually grows. In fact, the tree rings that make up a piece of wood are a testament to the number of springtimes that tree has seen. It follows that wood, the most productive element, is associated with Spring the season of new beginnings.

How does the liver fit into the picture? It turns out that the mood of springtime tends to stimulate the liver. According to Chinese medicine, excitement, growth and productivity activate the liver. If you were to track the  Qi energy generated by the livers of a group of entrepreneurs, you would detect heightened activity amidst their exuberance. Consequently, the Qi energy of Spring naturally supports activities oriented towards new possibilities that generate excitement.

Now let’s imagine those same entrepreneurs experiencing a setback and growth is interrupted. Productivity is quashed. What do they feel? Irritability, anger, perhaps even rage. These are the negative emotional qualities associated with the liver, and during Spring, when our livers are processing extra Qi, we are prone to bursts of outrage and vexation.

Now that we understand the connection between Spring, green, wood, the liver, excitement, and anger, I’d like to share technique you can use to empower your springtime vision. Simply become aware of the new prospect that excites you. Inhale that excitement into your liver, hold your breath and become aware of your vision, and as you exhale, direct that Qi energy into your vision. Repeat this sequence for nine cycles and then nourish your Qi. This exercise will charge your vision with the productive energies of Spring. 

In addition, practicing the Awakening of Insects Empowerment described below will bring you into greater alignment with the energy of spring. The empowerment happens on Monday, March 5th between 10:28 AM EST and 12:28 PM EST. (Remember to adjust for the time difference if you live in another time zone). To make the most of the abundance of this season I suggest practicing the Awakening Insects Empowerment, and over the next fifteen days, charge your vision with excitement once a day. Build excitement at the prospect of new possibilities—but don’t take action yet! On Tuesday, March 20th at 11:15 AM EST the next seasonal phase begins, Vernal Equinox. On that date, you’ll get to “unleash” all the energy that you’re harnessing now. 

(If you can't see the video on the screen, you can see it on YouTube ).


The spine is made up of five segments including the coccyx, the lower back (sacral and lumbar spine), the middle and upper back (thoracic spine), and the neck (cervical spine).

The vertebra associated with this empowerment is Thoracic 12 (T12) in the middle back.

Thoracic 12 (T12) is the lowest vertebra on the spine that has a rib attachement. Feel for your lowest rib and trace it back to your spine, that is T12.

Find T12 now.


(You can practice this empowerment every day until the next Jieqi, but the golden time is on Monday, March 5th between 10:28 AM - 12:28 PM EST)

Once every 15 days, the sun crosses over "power spot" and a wave of powerful cosmic energy is released. The purpose of this empowerment is to concentrate this energy into your spine and internal organs.

  1. Sit comfortably or lie down and relax every part of your body.
  2. Inhale through all the pores of your skin, collect universal Qi energy and concentrate this energy to T12. Exhale and visualize T12 glowing brightly. Continue this breathing patterns 36 times.
  3. Then, inhale, focus on T12, exhale and visualize the light from T12 spreading throughout your body, to your spine, your bones, and to your internal organs. Repeat 36 times.
  4. Finally, inhale and collect the light and energy from all over your body into your Lower Dantian which is located three finger widths below your navel in the center of your body. Then exhale and concentrate the energy there. Repeat three times. Then, relax, and nourish your Qi, feeling like a sponge soaking in a warm tub of water. Maintain this state for as long as you want.


(Practice this exercise once a day until the next seasonal phase begins)

The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the soft tissue surrounding the vertebra associated with the current empowerment. Every 15 days we focus on a specific vertebra and over the course of the year we tonify the whole spine. Be gentle and don't strain your back.

  1. Sit cross-legged, form both hands into loose fists, thumbs in other fingers, and rest them on both sides of the body. 
  2. Then turn your head left and right slowly for 9 times.
  3. Hold your fists loosely and raise them slowly with your arms bent until chest level. The fists are facing downward.  Then quickly move your arms backwards and return back to your chest. Repeat 36 times.
  4. Gently bite your teeth 36 times.
  5. Swoosh your tongue around your mouth until it is running with saliva. Then, swallow the saliva, and send the energy of your saliva down to your Lower Dantian. Repeat three times.

Enjoy your practice!