Nature Sound to Regulate Your Breath and Harmonize Space

Using multiple microphones, recordings of waves were collected and aesthetically superimposed in a rhythmic pattern to create a meshwork of dancing sounds that pacify the mind and soothe the heart. Enjoy to the soothing sound of ocean waves breaking on soft sand. As you listen, the lattice of sound expands, differentiates, and deepens. Corridors of sound open, and before long, the imagination opens wide and you are on a healing journey. You can use Ocean Whispers in several ways as follows:

• Harmonize Space

Simply play it! You don't have to do anything. Play it in your bedroom, play it in your living room, in your office or anywhere else. By just playing it, you make your space a sacred space strongly connected with universal energy. You don't have to listen to it. You can even turn the volumn down to the point that you can not hear it. As long as the ocean waves are there, the stagnation will be cleared and your place will be blessed.

• Shamanic Guidance

Listen to it, and follow your mind. Allow your body, your mind and your soul fuse and guided to ferry you to countless imaginary worlds. "The earth is our loving mother, but the ocean is our sagely grandmother. Listen to her, she speaks in the language of waves and whispers her wisdom into the heart."

• Guide Your Breath

The waves in Ocean Whispers are composed to guide your breath in a rhythm that your inhale and exhale are of the same length. Ordinarily, the length of our inhale and exhale varies depending on different mental and physical conditions. When you can breathe in and breathe out with the same length of time, a vibe is sent to your brain to calm your mind and to send signals of letting go of tension for all your organs and tissues. When that tension that cramps your organs and tissue are released, you resume to be normal and many physical or mental problems can be reversed.

Follow the rhythm with your breath with one wave inhale and another wave exhale. Do this breathing for at least 5 mins or more, a few times a day. This will help you to balance the autonomic nervous system, lower your heart rate, adjust your blood pressure, relieve your muscle tension, and release dramatic healing power from yourself and you will feel much more connected and enjoy much better sense of well being with the feeling of integrative oneness.